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Offshore Companies Creation:

Established in 2006, Offshore-Paradis-Fiscaux is a consulting firm specializing in the formation and management of offshore and international companies. Our consulting office consists of team of specialists in the offshore field and international network of lawyers, consultants and accountants allowing us to bring together the skills required for providing a professional service. Offshore-Paradis-Fiscaux offers and implements creative solutions, management and domestication of offshore company creation and related offshore services to develop and grow our client business as well as individual wealth.

An offshore company is a company registered in a country outside of tax residence, where taxation is reduced or non-existent and the beneficiaries can benefit from an anonymity and asset protection of these companies. We also assist of the opening a bank accounts for your offshore company.

Commercial activities possible for  tax optimization using offshore structure:

  • The sale of material goods and services,
  • trading operations as import / export,
  • Consulting services;
  • the perception of intellectual property,
  • outsourcing accounting,
  • marketing softwares,
  • offshore e-commerce.

 Offshore-Paradis-Fiscaux provides offshore services to companies and offshore banking services in European and international tax havens.

Our expertise in offshore solutions and financial management include the following areas:

  • The creation and management of offshore companies,
  • The creation and management of companies in many European countries,
  • The formation and the management of company in the US,
  • The formation and the management company in the Middle East, Asia and New Zealand,
  • The management of already existing foreign companies,
  • The accounting, financial audit,
  • Offshore yacht registration,
  • The full implementation of e-commerce offshore solutions,
  • The opening and management of an offshore bank accounts.

We provide the advice and solutions to your specific needs of establishment of companies in Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Canada. Offshore-Paradis-Fiscaux team is highly experienced that allows you to have a  confidentiality and personalized service, assistance and a support.

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