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Offshore Business Bank Account opening for your company

Banque offshore pour les sociétés

Business Offshore Bank Account opening

Offshore-Paradis-Fiscaux provides offshore business bank account opening services – from the first step and provides support even after the account is opened. We’ve got a great experience working with the world’s leading offshore and international banks. All the banks we work with are secure, with good reputation, have high data protection security level and provides high-quality service.

Offshore company is only the first step of your business project. The most important part is the choice of bank and the business bank account opening. The choice of bank will depend of the companies jurisdiction, business activity and planned banking operations. Offshore-Paradis-Fiscaux has a wide banking network, built in more than 9 years, which allows to propose to clients the most appropriate bank based on each individual project, to reach the highest expectations.

We currently provide offshore bank account opening in the following jurisdictions:

The choice of banks location is important from the aspect of beneficiaries residence, business activity, expected transfers and location of clients, partners and suppliers. Once we will have the full details – our experts will propose the most secure and appropriate bank.

If you prefer to open a bank account in a country that’s not on our list – it’s not a problem – we can work on your individual case and find a solution to suite your objectives.  Our goal is to help our clients! 

The key points for choice of offshore bank account opening :

  • Political and economic stability of the country where the bank is located,
  • Quality of bank services,
  • The reputation and rating of the bank supervisory authorities,
  • The quality of regulation and investor protection in the country of the bank,
  • Bank confidentiality to preserve the privacy of our customers,
  • Financial guarantees of the bank to avoid the risk of bankruptcy.

Offshore Banking services for business account:

Basic services:

– Current account in different currencies,

– Internet online banking access,

– Credit / debit  card,

– Foreign currencies exchange,

– Electronic transfers,

– Saving account, time deposits, certificates of deposit.

Investment services:

– Shares, bonds, financial instruments, portfolio management, deposits, investment products.

– Real estate financing, financing of ships and aircraft.

In terms of operational services:

– Cash management,

– Means of international payments,

– Letter of Credit, documentary credits,

– E-Offshore business solutions and online payments: online credit/debit card payments, telephone payments,

– Risk management.

Our service includes: file preparation, bank introduction, client identification and full bank account opening proceedings.

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