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Open your offshore personal bank account

Banque offshore pour les particuliers

Offshore Banking for Individuals

The best solution for offshore personal bank account opening is to let it handle to a specialized office. Why? The most important is the choice of bank – it’s location, services and reputation. We work only with tries and reputable banks for more than 9 years. This will help you avoid any unpleasant situations by choosing a unknown bank, although they proclaim security, easy account opening.

Not less important is the advice by our experts. Once will be understood your objectives, you will receive an advice and solution for most effective choice. Due to our experience, we will help you to achieve your needs and objectives in matter of your wealth.

Also we will save your valuable time by letting experts to handle all the introduction, paper work, identification and constant follow up.

Why to open an offshore personal bank account? What is the interest?

We’ve got a great experience working with the world’s leading offshore banks and international banks. We analyze your offshore banking requirements and advise you with a suitable solution.

Advantages ​​of an offshore bank:

  • Confidentiality,
  • Respect for privacy,
  • Wide range of banking services – including investment options,
  • The quality of service,
  • Protection against local, political, or financial instability.

Personal banking is not limited only to offshore jurisdictions, it can also be opened in European banks such as Switzerland and Austria.

Offshore Banking Services offered for Individuals:

Basic services:

  • Current account for daily wire transfers,
  • Saving account,
  • Online internet banking access,
  • Account opening in different currencies / multi-currency account,
  • Credit / debit card / anonymous card,
  • Foreign currency exchange.

Investment services:

  • Financial instruments: shares, bonds, deposits, Forex, Portfolio management,
  • Wealth management services,
  • Safety boxes.

Our main objective is the security and confidentiality of our clients. Each client’s file is treated and taken care of individually to provide professional service and fulfill the needs and expectations.

 To open an offshore bank account for individuals – Contact Us!

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