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Singapore Company registration – start your business now!

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Singapore Company Creation

Singapore is a city-state, located in East Asia, and made up of 64 islands. It is one of the most economically and socially developed countries in the world. Singapore is well known for its strategic position at the air gates of the Asiatic flow, market access, excellent compatibility, well established and structured business infrastructure, a qualified workforce and a stable political environment and these are the major benefits of Singapore company registration for regional and global business development. Jurisdiction of Singapore offers a corporate tax rate below 15%, which can be reduced to 0%. Also it has a wide tax treaty network, it has signed tax treaties with over 50 countries, including most of those in the region. In Singapore based holding companies are therefore able to gain from the reduction in withholding taxes in dividends, interest and royalties offered by these tax treaties.

Who and for what should register a Singapore Company:

  • Entrepreneur,
  • Consultants,
  • International trade,
  • Commerce on the Internet,
  • Stockbrokers,
  • For the protection of movable and immovable property
  • For inheritance purposes,
  • Intellectual property holding rights.

How to proceed? Provision of the following documents for Singapore company registration:

  • An application form completed and signed company.
  • A copy of valid passport for each party to the transaction.
  • A personal bill less than three months.
  • Payment of our fees.

Note: additional documents may be requested depending on the chosen offshore bank.

Set-up time: From the moment we are in possession of all required documents:

  • Incorporation of Singapore company: 3-5 days. Approximately 15 days for delivery of original company documents.
  • Bank account: offshore bank account opening in about three weeks.

Interest of the Singapore jurisdiction:

Advantages of Singapore company registration:

  • Well administered jurisdiction.
  • Highly effective business infrastructure and strategic location.
  • Taxes only applicable for profit remitted in Singapore.

Disadvantages of a company in Singapore:

  • Local resident director required.
  • Strict compliance with deadlines.

The key information about Singapore company registration:

General :
Type of entity

Resident/Non Resident, Private Limited

Type of law


Our time to establish a new company

3 – 5 days

Minimum government fees (excluding taxation)


Corporate Taxation


Double taxation treaty access


Share Capital or Equivalent :
Standard currency


Permitted currencies


Minimum number of issued shares


Minimum paid up


Usual authorized

S$100 000

Directors or Managers :
Minimum number


Local required

Yes – One

Publicly accessible records


Location of meetings


Members :
Minimum number


(Corporation or Individual)

Publicly accessible records


Location of meetings


Company Secretary :


Local or qualified
Accounts :
Requirement to prepare


Audit requirements

Yes but there are exemptions

Requirement to file accounts

Yes but there are exemptions

Publicly accessible accounts

Yes but there are exemptions

Other :
Requirement to file annual return


Change in domicile permitted


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