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Who can use an offshore company? And for what activity?

There are several categories of people and commercial activities who can use and offshore company and for what business activities an offshore structure is relevant. The main doubt that entrepreneurs have is rather they could use an offshore structure for their business. How could they operate with such company? Before jumping in the offshore world – call us and receive an advice from our expert who will let you know if and exactly what kind of jurisdiction would be most appropriated for your business.

Discover who can use an offshore company and for what business activities:

Entrepreneurs :



The creation of an offshore company allows entrepreneurs to start a business without having to set up an expensive infrastructure. Offshore entity gives the advantage to benefit from tax exemptions or low tax rate and simple management.


Le E-Commerce


Online trading businesses owners can use an offshore company to hold a domain name and manage websites using a secure provider. Besides of creating an offshore company for optimization of your profit, for online store owners we can propose to open a merchant account for your online payments using an offshore company. With the Virtual Office services – you can set up your commercial office in any biggest commerce centers worldwide.


Les consultants


You can run your business as a consultant or professional adviser using an offshore company. Choose a reputable offshore structure to receive commissions for your services. Benefit from 0% corporate tax.

Possession of movable and immovable property:

La détention de biens mobiliers et immobiliers

Possession of movable and immovable property

An offshore company can be used to hold personal property (such as yachts) and real estate (buildings, houses). In addition to the confidentiality offered, other benefits such as exemption from certain types of taxes (eg. inheritance tax) will be an asset. However, all countries do not allow the acquisition of movable property/real estate through an offshore structure – therefore Contact Us and we will advice you.

Players in the international trade:

Les successions

Players in the international trade

International trade transactions can be made through an offshore company. Operations of buying and selling done via tax haven jurisdiction with benefits of a low tax system.

The retention of intellectual property rights:

The retention of intellectual property rights

The retention of intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights (patents or trademarks) may be registered in the name of an offshore company. The legal entity may also buy or sell such rights. This will enable the granting of rights to other entities and will benefit from low taxes.




An offshore company is never “dying” (as far as any expenses related to its operation are paid), it can, in some countries, be used as a means of succession, to avoid tax on the estate and protect assets. The offshore structure may be optionally combined with an Offshore Trust or foundation to maximize the wealth.

Stock / forex brokers:

Stock / forex brokers

Stock / forex brokers

Offshore companies are commonly used in stock exchange or on the foreign exchange market (Forex). The main reasons is to secure the identity of the trader (the account is opened in the name of the company).

How to relocate you existing business to an offshore company?

Usually the first perception hearing about offshore company – is tax avoidance and funds disclosure from the government due to illegal activities.

It’s a very biased opinion, as there are many jurisdictions that offer a fully legal tax advantages with great environment for business development.  Also a lot of large well known companies have structured their business using offshore companies.

To relocate your business activity or part of it to an offshore company – Contact Us and our specialist will provide an explanation and solution!

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