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Case Studies

The case studies presented are intended to show you how practical legal solutions are likely to allow you to optimize your tax bases and tax rates, as a result of specialized legal and tax advice.

One of these cases probably meets your needs. Otherwise, contact us and we will give you an expert opinion, we will offer legal and tax advice customized.

Case study 1: Intermediate Group Holding Company

Case study 2: Intermediate Finance Company

Case study 3: Licensing company

Case study 4: Personal service company

Case study 5: International trading companies

Case study 6: International trading companies 2

Case study 7: Holding Company

E-commerce case study 1: Electronic products business to business

E-commerce case study 2: Electronic products to consumer

E-commerce case study 3: Physical products business to business

E-commerce case study 4: Physical products business to consumer


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