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Yacht Structures

Yacht Offshore

Offshore boat domicile under a flag of your convenience. Discover an offshore solution to your needs with Offshore-Paradis-Fiscaux. Through Offshore-Paradis-Fiscaux, clients can gain from the many advantages that are available through properly structured ownership and registration procedures. These benefits include reducing VAT exposure within the EU, finance packages, and where appropriate, crewing services. Well known offshore jurisdictions such as Panama, Liberia, the Isle of Man, Madeira, Jersey, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Bahamas, Belize, Seychelles and Mauritius have a fleet of merchant ships and yachts offshore important. The registration fees are modest and the tax exemption on profits is often acquired.

 The example of the registration of a vessel under the flag of Seychelles:

Yacht Structures

Yacht Structures

The offshore regime of jurisdiction of Seychelles offers the property and yachts registration. A citizen or a company registered in the Seychelles must first own a yacht to fly under the flag of the Seychelles. If the yacht offshore is not in the territorial waters of Seychelles, it may provisionally be registered under the flag of the Seychelles, with a diplomatic or consular representative abroad. It was later recorded permanently with maritime authorities of Seychelles.


Seychelles is a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth, the group of non-aligned countries, the Indian Ocean Commission, and the International Maritime Organization; vessels sailing under the flag of Seychelles are treated friendly in the world. Seychelles recognize and are currently working with the following Classification Societies:

  • Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (UK).
  • Bureau Veritas (France).
  • Nippon Kaiji Ryokai (Japan).
  • Det Norske Veritas (Norway).
  • America Bureau of Shipping (USA).
  • Germanischer Lloyd (Germany).

 Temporary registration of the boat:

Special conditions for the temporary registration of a yacht:

  • Provide proof of ownership of the yacht,
  • A certificate from the manufacturer and yacht retailer specifications,
  • Provide (if necessary), proof of the end of the registration of the yacht in a previous jurisdiction (“certificate of removal”),
  • A list of three alternative names under which the boat is proposed registration,
  • A valid license for the use of a radio.

The permanent record:

After a period of 90 days, the offshore yacht can be saved permanently. The offshore yacht owner must submit the following documentation:

  • An application for permanent record,
  • A contract of sale,
  • Statutory Certificates,
  • A note cutting and marking, which is published by the curator of the expedition (“Registrar of Shipping”).
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