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The 6 steps of incorporation of your offshore company:

Les etapes - Gd photoEach company formation is unique and we will help you make a wise and adapted choice. Here are the steps of our customer relationships.

Acknowledgment and productive discussions:

Nothing can replace a good exchange, written submissions and face-to-face meeting aimed to successful establishment of your company. We will take the time to review your particular case. We invite you to give yourself the time to think and achieve your project of creating an entity.

The choice of an appropriate legal structure:

Our discussions are confidential and aimed to understand your business and your expectations. We will then propose one or more solutions.

Detailed cost proposals:

We will provide you a detailed quotation and will answer all of your additional questions.

Les Etapes - petit photoEstablishment of the structure and proceedings of opening offshore bank account:

We will create a complete dossier and will proceed with the incorporation of your company and opening of your bank account in one of our partner banks.

Facilitate the opening of your bank account:

In most of the cases the banks refuses lot of files. Our experience enables us to ensure to open the bank accounts in any currency, including bank card and internet access for your daily management.

Support of “Getting Started”:

We provide you complete assistance on the various issues of the process of creation your offshore company. We will help you understand all documents and proceedings which are related to your offshore company, explaining what is a Nominee Director, Nominee Shareholder, a Certificate of incumbency, a Certificate of Good standing, what kind of documents you must sign, will advise about the specific deadlines for implementation and more. We invite you to contact us for more detailed information

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