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Formation of the Offshore company in Gibraltar

Société offshore Gibraltar

Gibraltar Offshore Company: 0% Corporate Tax

Gibraltar. It is located in a strategic position in Southern Europe, more precisely in the south of Spain, it overlooks the Straits of Gibraltar and is famous for its dramatic rock. Gibraltar is impressing but small and the territory is approximately 6.5 sq km and has 28,000 residents. The country is a member of the European Union and is fully independent in its fiscal governance while remaining a British Overseas Territory. It has its own elected House of Assembly, which legislates on domestic matters.

As part of European Union Gibraltar benefits from all of the advantages of a European company, but with much lower tax rate. Gibraltar offshore company formation is interesting for those who are looking for reputable European company for international business. Gibraltar enjoys special status within the Community and is exempted from the Common Customs Tariff, the Common Agricultural Policy and Value Added Taxation.

Who and for what should choose Gibraltar Offshore Company:

  • Entrepreneur,
  • Consultants,
  • International trade,
  • Commerce on the Internet,
  • Stockbrokers,
  • For inheritance purposes,
  • Intellectual property holding rights.

How to proceed? Provision of the following documents for incorporation of the company:

  • An application form completed and signed company.
  • A copy of valid passport for each party to the transaction.
  • A personal bill less than three months.
  • Payment of our fees.

Note: additional documents may be requested depending on the chosen offshore bank.

Set-up time: From the moment we are in possession of all required documents:

  • Incorporation of the company: 5-8 days. Approximately 15 days for delivery of original company documents.
  • Offshore Bank: offshore bank account opening in about three weeks.

Interest of Gibraltar company formation:


  • The most cost-effective European jurisdiction.
  • The exempt certificate gave a 25 year guarantee of exemption from Gibraltarian taxes.
  • Gibraltar was the first European jurisdiction to offer the exempt company which allows a company to be controlled and managed from Gibraltar whilst still able to enjoy preferential tax status there.


  • Not as well established as its European competitors.
  • As a full member of the EC pressure may be brought to bear at some time in an attempt to force Gibraltar to harmonize its taxes with other member state.

The main characteristics of Gibraltar offshore company:

General :
Type of entity

Non Resident

Type of law


Shelf company availability


Our time to establish a new company

5 – 8 days

Minimum government fees (excluding taxation)


Corporate Taxation


Double taxation treaty access


Share Capital or Equivalent :
Standard currency


Permitted currencies


Minimum paid up


Usual authorised


Directors or Managers :
Minimum number


Local required


Corporate Directors permitted


Publicly accessible records


Location of meetings

Anywhere, except Gibraltar

Members :
Minimum number


Corporate Members permitted


Publicly accessible records


Location of meetings

Anywhere, except Gibraltar

Company Secretary :


Local or qualified


Accounts :
Requirement to prepare


Audit requirements

Yes, small company exemptions

Requirement to file accounts


Publicly accessible accounts


Requirement to file annual return


Change in domicile permitted


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